Review your lawyer….coming soon

Part of UKAP’s plan is to offer members of the public the opportunity to review their lawyer (whether solicitors or barristers).  Are members of the public suitably qualified to review lawyers?  Well, the Bar Standards Board, perhaps unsurprisingly, has reservations.  The BSB

“said such tools [like review tools] could pose real dangers and warned that ‘instructing a member of the bar is not the same as buying a stereo’. The council added that clients are often not well placed to judge the quality of the advice or representation they have received.”

OK, we get that barristers are different to hi-fi’s and hotels…

But… the public review hi-fi’s, phones and computers, for example, all the time, without being techo-nerds.  Does every reviewer of a hotel need to have a degree in hotel management?  We may not be able to comment on technical legal stuff, but we can judge whether a barrister listens, or a solicitor replies to phone calls and emails.  And we can even, if we push ourselves, try to read some legal cases and even, on occasion, understand them!  If you are aware of a case that is very relevant, and your lawyer isn’t, can you not conclude that your lawyer’s knowledge might perhaps be wanting…?

It looks like lawyers are running scared…before a single volley has been fired.


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