The twin evils of delay and expense

As always, lady justice faces two powerful enemies – the twin evils of delay and expense.

There are also many cases, one being a case involving a UKAP member: In the Matter of J (A Child) [2012] EWCA Civ 1231 where the trial judge attempted to shut down discussion of the problems leading to the alienation.

These problems of delay and expense can be taken together, as they tend to feed off each other.  They are caused by:

1 Ineffectual/unenlightened Judges

Take a look at the case law on this site.  Despite judges having great power and a wide range of options to deal with PA cases, they make feeble, ineffectual orders – time and time again.  They adjourn without good reason, order endless ‘reviews’, and seem to do a lot of ‘hoping’.  And sometimes they are just plain wrong.  Judges will not accept the FACT of Parental Alienation, and that it is psychological child abuse.

This approach causes delay.  Delay is the enemy of justice.  Delay means more entrenchment of the alienation, until, in some cases, it is impossible to ‘de-brainwash’ the child, and the Target Parent simply gives up, becoming yet another “tearful and wholly-deserving father”.

And these are just the cases we see in the (laudably open) High Court and Court of Appeal.  Of course many alienated parents run out of money or emotional energy long before then, in the County and Magistrates Courts – those are the cases we do NOT hear about…    The simple rule seems to be that the higher you go up the judicial chain, the greater the likelihood of getting justice but by then it’s too late..  Is this because higher-up judges are wiser and more just, or because their decisions are much more transparent and susceptible to scrutiny?

Judges must judge. Read More…


Ignorance and Training

CAFCASS officers do not understand PA.  Training in PA is only optional for CAFCASS officers, and is taken up by only 2% of them.  Additionally, CAFCASS, like judges, simply do not accept the FACT of Parental Alienation, and that it is psychological child abuse.

Wishes and Feelings Reports

These are a waste of valuable time in PA cases, and should be abandoned.

Read more about CAFCASS here

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