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Facebook Group for Grandparents


(In alphabetical order of surname) – UKAP reiterates that it does not recommend particular experts and has no affiliation with any expert:


Dr Mark Berelowitz

Dr Hamish Cameron

DrNick Child

Dr Danya Glaser

Dr Bernard Horsford

Dr Ludwig Lowenstein (Now deceased but much useful content can still be found here)

Dr Nireeja Prahan

Dr Judith Trowel

Dr Kirk Weir (now retired, but useful info can be found hereand here)

Dr Sue Whitcombe



European alliance of PA practitioners

North America

Dr Amy Baker

Dr Kelly Baker

Dr Craig Childress

Linda Gottlieb

Dr Steve Miller

Dr Richard Warshak



UK Arbitrators can be found hereUKAP believes that arbitration may be a helpful solution to PA cases.  You will need to agree to go to arbitration.  An arbitrated result is binding and can only be challenged very rarely.


McKenzie Friends and Help for Litigants in Person

(As with experts, UKAP does not recommend any particular McKenzie friend and has no affiliations)

Contact Matters

Personal Support Unit(A Charity set up to help Litigants in Person)

Help for Litigants in Person



CAFCASS interview with Families Need Fathers


Commentary and Analysis

Complaints about Judges

Consumer Watch Foundation

Fatherhood Institute

Long-Term Societal Cost of PA

Problems for men and boys in society

Separated Dads

Suggested ways to reverse alienation

Suella Martinez MP

Transparency Project

Voice of the Child

Families Need Fathers

Facebook groups

PAMPA (Parental Alienation MP Awareness)

D.A.D.S. (Dads Against Double Standards)

DADS Global PA Awareness

D.A.D.S support working together

Be Your Own Hero

Parental Alienation Survivors

Parental Alienation support group

Rate MY Family Court

Parental Alienation (Uk) Support And Help

National Association of Alienated Parents

Women’s equality party


Other Legal Sites

British and Irish Legal Information Institute

The Custody Minefield


Family Law Week

UK Human Rights Blog

Law Society Gazette


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