Brad and Angelina – what’s going on?

We are told, in the latest news, that Angelina Jolie “could lose custody” of her children if she does not allow Brad Pitt contact with them.

There is much to say about this.

Firstly, the language. Is it right that we should ever talk about any parent “allowing” child-access to the other parent? It would be ignoring the facts of life not to point out that it is almost always mothers that do the “allowing” and dads that are (or are not) “allowed”.

Next, mothers are told this kind of thing every day in courts (both in America and the UK, as well, doubtless, as elsewhere). UKAP cannot comment on the situation in America, but in the UK courts make these kind of posturing noises all the time, but the threats are hardly ever executed.

Thirdly, one wonders what the situation would ‘normally’ be when one superstar spouse wants to make a film in a country other than where the kids normally live. UKAP imagines, that, before the split, Angelina would simply have said to Brad (or he to her in the reverse situation): “Look love, I need to go to Europe to make this film – can you look after the kids for a bit?” Just like a kind-of extended version of what normal couples do every day, except it might be more like “love, I want to go out for a few drinks with the lads tonight – can you baby-sit?”

If that’s right, why should the situation be any different post-separation?

Simply leave the kids with the other parent…Unless, of course, the other parent changed, perhaps on the day of separation (?), from a loving caring parent, to some kind of monster…

UKAP makes no comment as to whether Mrs Pitt is alienating Mr Pitt from their kids. That is a matter for their Judge.


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