Biased Lawyers?

When a father is estranged from his children, there are two main reasons.

The first is that Dad is a feckless, unfeeling, uncaring individual who just runs off and leaves his kids without a second thought.

The second is that Dad is a loving, emotionally available parent that has been pushed out of his kids’ lives by a narcissistic mother, and a biased/lazy system that supports Parental Alienation.

UKAP wonders how many Dads are in each of these categories…

Well, the Marilyn Stowe firm, for one, seem to think that most estranged Dads are of the ‘feckless’ type. Note how alienated fathers get only a footnote at the end of their blog… Alienated dads are, to this firm, an ill-considered footnote. An afterthought.

Indeed, in UKAP’s experience, this is how  some parts of society, many lawyers,  many CAFCASS officrs, and some judges, seem to generalise about absent dads.

Take care when choosing your lawyer! As if competence and reasonable fees weren’t big enough issues to contend with, we must also look at the politics of our lawyers –  where do the sympathies of this firm lie?


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