A Way to get Legal Aid?

UKAP would like to share the story of an alienated father who received Legal Aid:

“Yes it is far harder for us as men to seek legal aid but there is a way.

I was the subject of a abusive relationship, my gp was made aware of this impacting mental health etc. If you have truly suffered from DV and have more importantly reported it to your gp then you can pay a small fee (mine is £28 through my gp) for a private personal letter that states you have suffered and have been impacted by your ex partners psychological, physical or emotions abuse.

Most solicitors will accept this letter as cover for legal aid and will take the case on as a DV case.

I’m saying this as I was not aware if you haven’t pressed charges before it doesn’t matter as long as your gp was made aware.

This has opened up the court massively for me. I hope it can do the same for others.”


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